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Service Cat. # BZ17001

Molecular Cloning

When it comes to Molecular Cloning, who doesn't need Superpower?


Using the most advanced cloning technologies, our Molecular Biologists can insert any sequence (or almost...) into any vector (or almost...) at any location (or almost...). Our directional cloning approach is restriction site-independent, which allows great flexibility:


  • Insertion of your gene(s) at any specified location within the destination vector(s) (independent of nuclease-recognition sites).


  • Modification of up to 6 bp (substitution/insertion/deletion) at both cloning sites on the insert(s) and/or vector(s) to insert a Kozak sequence, an additional stop codon, a linker, change the first or last residues,...

      Examples of 5' cloning site modifications during cloning (destination vector - insert):



      ...ATCCTGCAACTCCGAGTCGGATTTC...       Modification 1 (substitutions)

      ...ATCCTG------ATGGTCGGATTTC...       Modification 2 (deletion)

      ...ATCCTGCAAGTCCTTGCAATGGTCGGATTTC... Modification 3 (insertion)

Plasmid DNA cloning

 Material provided by customers:


  1. Gene to clone: plasmid containing the gene (>500 ng) or sequence to synthesize (Gene Synthesis).

  2. Destination vector (>500 ng).

  3. DNA sequence (as text) of the empty destination vector (or flanking sequences) and gene of interest.




  1. Miniprep of the cloned plasmid (Maxiprep or higher amounts available - optional).

  2. DNA sequence data file covering the inserted gene.

Typical molecular cloning turnaround time is 8-12 days for inserts of up to 1.5 kb.

The actual processing time is typically influenced by the size of the destination vector(s) and/or the insert(s) and the complexity of their sequence.


1 - 3

4 - 6

7 - 10


Price per Unit




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Prices in US Dollar.

Additional price (based on insert/vector size):

Insert Size

< 1.5 kb

1.5 - 2.5 kb

2.5 - 3.5 kb

>3.5 kb

Price per Unit




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Vector Size

< 6 kb

6 - 8 kb

8 - 10 kb

>10 kb

Price per Unit




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Your DNA samples can be stored in our safe and secured storage facility for further uses or as back up for as low as $0.06/month.

Like all our products, your DNA constructs will be carbon free certified.

Fact: A small lab of 1000 sq.ft uses in average 200 kWh of electricity per day (, emiting ~250 lbs of CO2. This generates as much greenhouse gases as a car driving from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL  every day.

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