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Service Cat. # BZ17005

Protein Optimization Screen


At Biozilla, we understand that every protein is unique and needs to be treated accordingly. Protein diversity provides nature with an infinite combination of tools but it also creates major challenges in the preparation of recombinant proteins. To tackle these issues, we developed a series of medium- and high-throughput screening platforms to rapidly identify and optimize a preparation process tailored for your protein. This approach enables us to produce soluble recombinant proteins of the highest purity and activity.

Protein expression and purification screen

Our small scale screening processes have been designed with the scale up in mind so that larger amounts of protein can be rapidly prepared without intermediate steps. This screening approaches are directly scalable, cutting down on timely and expensive rounds of optimization.

Our main screening platform is designed for E. coli expression but our approach is versatile and can be adapted to various expression systems. We can accommodate small screens (just few data points) or larger ones (plate format).

Your samples can be stored in our safe and secured storage facility for further uses or as back up for as low as $0.06/month.














Protein expression and purification screen

We can customize our screening process by using the following main variables:


1) DNA constructs

2) Organism strains

3) Expression conditions

4) Purification approach

5) The end point is typically a SDS-PAGE of the eluted sample but it can be complemented or replaced by an activity assay.

We can also test the following parameters:

  • Addition of different types of detergents during lysis and purification (enhances protein solubility).

  • Chaperone co-expression (facilitates protein folding).

  • Co-factor addition or protein binding partner co-expression.

  • Redefining protein construct boundaries.

  • ...

Most protein expression/purification screens are performed in just 4-5 days from plasmid transformation to the end point of the screen.

Prices of protein expression and purification screening services in E. coli is function of the number of construct(s) screened and of the number of variable/conditions tested. Prices are total price, not price per construct. For the indicated prices below, protein expression is performed in flask format which guaranties better scalability compared to a plate format.

Prices in USD

1 Construct






Number of Tested Conditions per Construct






2 Constructs






3 Constructs






If you have more constructs to screen or have any question, contact us at

 Material provided by customers:


You can send us the sequence of your protein(s) that we could gene synthesize and subclone into our proprietary expression plasmids. You can also send us your plasmids ready to be screened.

For plasmid submission: Send us >0.5 ug DNA, dry or liquid form following our Sample Submission instructions.   Select EASYSHIPPING for a fast and affordable sample submission: Just place your samples in an envelope, print the shipping documents that you'll receive and relax, we even set up the pick up for you.



  • Protein expression and purification screen report.

  • DNA sequence data file of the constructed plasmid if any.

To place an order, please send us an email with the following info. You'll receive a correponding quote shortly after.


  • Name and sequence of the protein(s) to screen.

  • If you submit a plasmid, name of the vector, antibiotic resistance and type of induction.

  • Does your protein contain disulfide bonds: yes / no / don't know

  • Number of conditions/variables to screen. Let us know if you need specific conditions to test and if you expect the protein(s) to be relatively difficult or easy to express.

Like all our products, your protein samples will be carbon free certified.

Fact: A small lab of 1000 sq.ft uses in average 200 kWh of electricity per day (, emiting ~250 lbs of CO2. This generates as much greenhouse gases as a car driving from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL  every day.

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