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Plasmid DNA Purification

Service Cat. # BZ17003

Biozilla is proud to offer you the best plasmid DNA preparation service available. Let us purify your plasmid at the fastest turnaround time in the industry using our proprietary technology. We guaranty EXCELLENT DNA QUANTITY and QUALITY, for as low as US$47 for a single Regular Maxiprep and US$30 for bulk orders.

Our Plasmid DNA service saves you time and money as we are a better alternative to

1) other CROs and 2) DIY using a plasmid purification kits.


See also how our plasmid DNA preparation services compares to the kits:

Petiteprep Service vs Midiprep Kit and understand why our services

outperform the commercial kits and other CROs.

Our Prepaid Program is the smart way to prep plasmids in your lab. It allows you to pay for current and future Plasmid prep orders and save money at the same time. This is a great alternative to purchasing a kit and you'll enjoy up to 20% off on our already low prices.

We can also process your high-throughput plasmid production at any scale. And we can digest/purify milligrams of linearized plasmids virtually free of any contaminant using our proprietary methods. We have options to accommodate all types of plasmid and demand so choose the formula that best fits your needs.

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■■■  Quality, quality, quality.


We developed our Plasmid DNA production processes with the quality of the final product in mind. By not using any commercial kit, we are lifting many constrains that limit the level of DNA purity and DNA quantity typically obtained from the kits (see our comparative). As a result, our preps are free of any residual RNA, genomic DNA or protein contaminants but are also salt- and detergent-free. All our preps have a low endotoxin content but plasmid DNA purified with our Endo-Free treatment contains only negligible amounts of endotoxin (<0.1 EU/µg plasmid DNA) and is suitable for most applications such as cell culture transfection and most in-vivo experiments. For more endotoxin-sensitive applications, we can achieve a level of <0.01 EU/ug plasmid DNA on a custom request basis.

All our preps are characterized by our QC department and need to fulfill our stringent requirements prior to be shipped back to you. The data are provided to you in a report containing the result of the DNA quantification, the complete spectrophotometric data and the gel electrophoresis analysis. DNA sequencing can also be performed upon request.

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■■■  DNA quantity


We have optimized conventional silica-based anion-exchanger techniques to maximize plasmid DNA recovery and purity. Thanks to these processes, we routinely obtain at least two times more DNA compared to an equivalent commercial kit. The yield is influenced by the plasmid size, sequence, copy number and may vary between plasmids but our typical yield of purified Plasmid DNA is shown below.

5 - 10 ug



0.2 - 0.5 mg



0.5 - 1.0 mg




High Yield


1.0 - 1.5 mg


8 - 12 mg



* Our Minipreps are performed in tube format which provides more reliable results and better quality/quantity DNAs compared to the plate format.


50 mg


100 mg


250 mg


500 mg


1 g


Not sure to get enough DNA?  Maxiprep replicates start at as low as US$25 and our Yield Booster protocol is a great way to improve the recovery of low copy numbers or difficult to amplify plasmids.

For larger plasmid DNA quantities, please send your request to

$$$ PRICE & Turnaround Time by Country

Select your country from the following list to see the corresponding price and turnaround time list.

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 Material provided by customers:


Plasmid to amplify - Send us >1 ug DNA, dry or liquid form following our Sample Submission instructions.   Select EASYSHIPPING for a fast and affordable sample submission: Just place your samples in an envelope, print the shipping documents that you'll receive and relax, we even set up the pick up for you.

Plasmid DNA Preparation Process:

  1. Transformation of your plasmids.

  2. Individual colony picking.

  3. Preculture and culture growth.

  4. Plasmid extraction and purification.

  5. Characterization of the final products.

  6. Shipping.



  • Entire amount of purified plasmid.

  • Report

  • DNA sequence data file of the purified plasmid (Optional)

Plasmid DNA flowchart
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Ready to place an order?


      Send us your contact info if not already done.


      Place your order by choosing between the two following options:

For simple orders

- Same service for one or more plasmids

- Same service with few variations for one or more plasmids (request variations in the "Notes" section)

For more complicated orders

- Different service and/or large number of plasmids

      You receive a quote from us within 24h. If you already have submitted a PO# then have your samples ready to ship.


      You provide us with a PO# or CC Payment and send us your plasmids.

Your DNA samples can be stored in our safe and secured storage facility for further uses or as back up for as low as $0.06/month.

Like all our products, your plasmid DNA will be carbon free certified.

Fact: A small lab of 1000 sq.ft uses in average 200 kWh of electricity per day (, emiting ~250 lbs of CO2. This generates as much greenhouse gases as a car driving from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL  every day.

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