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Service Cat. # BZ17002

Site-Directed Mutagenesis

"Mutate" is a 2nd generation Site-Directed Mutagenesis service which offers the following advantages over traditional approaches:


  • More To Mutate: Substitutions or insertions of up to 24 consecutive bp; fragment deletion of unlimited size. Simultaneous modifications at two or three different sites. Amazing possibilities (examples below)!


  • Highest Fidelity Reaction: Novel PCR-based approach using the highest fidelity polymerase identified to date (10 to 20 times higher fidelity than the Pfu used in QuickChange) makes unwanted second-site errors a thing of the past.

Site directed mutagensis
  • Affordable Service: as low as $119 for a single reaction and $79 for bulk orders!


  • Rapid: Mutated plasmid typically delivered 8-12 days after reception of the original plasmid.



Examples of Mutations which can be performed in a single reaction:





...ATG------------------------------------------CTC...          Mutation 3 (deletion)


 Material provided by customers:


  1. Original plasmid to mutate (>500 ng).

  2. DNA sequence (as text) of the original plasmid and the mutated plasmid. Please use the template file downloadable below on this page to provide all the necessary information. 




  1. Miniprep of the mutated plasmid (Maxiprep or higher amounts available - optional).

  2. DNA sequence data file surrounding the mutation (extended coverage available upon request).


Mutant Libraries:

Our site-directed mutagenesis approach offers great flexibility and can be adapted to the preparation of various types of mutant libraries such as:

  • Single Point and Scanning Point libraries: Substitution to any of the 19 common amino acids at single or multiple positions. Delivered as isolated or pool of variants.

  • Randomized and Degenerated Libraries: Any modification, within 24 bp. Delivered as a pool of variants.

  • ...

Please request a quote for pricing.



Additional price (based on plasmid size and number of bp to mutate):


Plasmid Size

< 6 kb

6 - 8 kb

8 - 10 kb

> 10 kb

Price per Unit




Request a quote

bp to Mutate

< 6

7 - 15

16 - 24

25 - 500

Price per bp




Request a quote

Mutate Reaction (Unit)

1 - 5

6 - 10

11 - 15

16 - 20

21 - 30


Price per Unit






Request a quote

Prices in US Dollar.

Ready to move forward? Then, please...

1) Download the Template Request Form

2) Fill it in

3) Upload it

4) You will receive the quote and shipping instruction shortly after.

Your DNA samples can be stored in our safe and secured storage facility for further uses or as back up for as low as $0.06/month.

Like all our products, your DNA mutant will be carbon free certified.

Fact: A small lab of 1000 sq.ft uses in average 200 kWh of electricity per day (, emiting ~250 lbs of CO2. This generates as much greenhouse gases as a car driving from Seattle, WA to Miami, FL  every day.

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