PetitePrep Service vs Midiprep Kit

Comparative: Biozilla's Service vs Commercial Kit


Three plasmids were prepared in parallel using either the Hipure Midiprep Kit from Thermo Fisher Scientific or Biozilla's Petiteprep service.

Petiteprep vs kit 1.png

With a typical yield at or close to 0.5 mg DNA, the Biozilla's PetitePrep service provides more than five times higher plasmid DNA quantity than a Midiprep Kit.

The PetitePrep service produces also plasmid DNA of higher purity as judged by spectrophotometric ratios (260/280 = 1.8 - 1.9 & 260/230 > 2.2 for pure plasmids) and agarose gel electrophoresis (below).

HiPure vs PetitePrep Table.png
HiPure vs PetitePrep Gel.png

All tested plasmids are high copy number. Plasmid 1, 2 and 3 are respectively 5.5 kb, 5.7 kb and 5.6 kb. Plasmid preparations using the HiPure Midiprep kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific) has been performed following the manufacturer's recommended procedure.

Conclusion -  The PetitePrep service from Biozilla provides higher DNA quantity and better DNA purity than a Midiprep kit.


Why Biozilla's plasmid preps outperform the commercial kits and other CRO's services?

---  Our secret is no secret !  ---

1 blue.png

We use larger bacterial culture as starting material compared to the kit.


Volume of processed culture (in mL) per purification column.

Petiteprep vs kit 2.png
2 blue.png

We wash our resin more thoroughly than the kits.


Volume of Wash Buffer (in mL) applied to each column prior to plasmid DNA elution.

Petiteprep vs kit 4.png
3 blue.png

Our plasmid DNA preparation process takes more time than the kits.


Time of plasmid DNA purification (in hour), bacterial culture excluded.

Petiteprep vs kit 3.png

Conclusion -  Our secret is no secret !   We use larger culture volume, wash our columns more thoroughly and as a result spend more time processing your plasmids. These are some of the reasons Biozilla's plasmid preps produce higher DNA quantity and better DNA quality than the kits and other CROs.