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Sample Submission


The preferred option to ship your samples to us with a rapid transit time and a very affordable price. Note that DNA samples are stable for several days at ambient temperature and can be shipped in a regular envelope. We recommend to ship your DNA in TE buffer for better stability.

Once we receive a PO# or CC payment from you, just follow the step below. Please make sure to provide us with your contact information for faster processing if not already done.

Put your DNA samples (>1 ug DNA at >100 ng/uL) in tubes or plates. Screw cap tubes are preferred / If using pop-up tubes, seal the cap with parafilm. If using plates, close them with a heat sealer or 8-strip caps (avoid adhesive seals). You may protect the tubes/plates with bubble wrap or other shock-absorbing materials.

Place your tubes in an envelope. Fedex envelopes if available; if using an other type of envelope, make sure that the dimensions do not exceed 25 cm x 34 cm or 10" x 13.5".

Print the shipping documents that we'll email you and place them in the external pouch of your envelope.

Either drop off the envelope in a Fedex Drop Box or use your Fedex regular schedule pick up. We also can schedule a pick up for you if you prefer.

Relax. We'll follow your shipment, make sure that it will be delivered in time and be ready for it when it arrives.


If you want to use your own carrier to ship your samples to us, please ship them to the following address:

Cong Ty TNHH Cong Nghe Biozilla VN

(Attention to Com Phi Phung)

So 60, Duong TA19A

Phuong Thoi An, Quan 12

Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh


​Tel: +84 934 161 437


Note that you will be responsible to pay any associated custom fee if any. Please also make sure to use the correct international HS code to set up your shipment.

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