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Our Plasmid DNA Service


  • Maxiprep Service from Other CROs with comparable turnaround time. Shipping/handling fees not included. Prices range from US$99 to $292.


  • DIY (Do It Yourself): See breakdown cost below.

Note: Labor cost calculated on a 3 h basis (from wages of US$ 30,000 to 80,000/year). Most Maxipreps involves though significantly more time to achieve satisfactory results.


  • Biozilla's featured services:

* Regular Maxiprep Service (~0.5-1.0mg DNA): US$39

** High Yield Maxiprep Service + Endo-Free treatment (~1.0-1.5mg DNA): US$70

(Bulk discount available)

Biozilla's Service vs Other CRO's Service

DIY Breakdown Cost

Fact 1 - Preparing your Plasmid DNA Preps on your own may cost you more than you think!

Fact 2 - Our Plasmid DNA Prep services cost just a fraction of what you would pay with other CROs.

Fact 3 - Plasmid DNA Preps are time consuming. Think of all you could do while we prep your plasmids.

What are you waiting for?

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